Change Log

► update 2.9.41:
- (new)* Integrated Facebook video downloader
- (new)* Integrated Instagram stories downloader
- (new)* Integrated Instagram video downloader
- (new)* Integrated TikTok video downloader
- (new)* Integrated LinkedIn video downloader
- Fixed downloads popup

► update 2.5.37:
- Erase history functionality was fixed

► update 2.5.36:
(new)* Added filter by files type (Images / Videos / Archives / Programs / Documents). You can disable it on settings page.
(new)* Add erase downloads history
- Re-worked confirmation windows
- Re-worked scrollbar for all devices
- Fixed UI issues in downloads window and settings page
- Fixed issue with "icon indicator" when animation doesn't stop after download completed

► update 2.4.28:
- Fix issue with download queue for small files

► update 2.4.27:
- Performance optimisation
- Added a new languages
- Fixed issue with "Count of downloads from website"

► update 2.4.26:
- Fixed language switch from settings page
- Fixed errors with image/video preview
- Fixed file name in download list for windows devices
- Fixed "Filter by website" function, now the icon will appear only for websites(not for file://, chrome-extension:// , new-tab)
- Disabled "Count of downloads from website" by default.
- Disabled "Image/Video" Preview by default, because it needs additional actions from the user, we've provided instruction for this.

► update 2.2.25:
(new)* Photo and video preview in Downloads list
(new)* Dark/Light mode for the Downloads window
(new)* New User Interface for Downloads window
(new)* New User Interface for Settings page
(new)* Sorting for downloads (A-Z, Z-A, Latest first, Oldest first, Largest first, Smallest first)
- Downloads queue now works correctly
- "Show downloads count from the current site" now works correctly with instagram/facebook/google drive/youtube
- Fully re-worked filters
- Fully re-worked downloads window
- Fixed text notifications